Weapon System

General Information
To improve your weapon you must saturate it with souls from monsters or special items.
Example message on chat when you drain soul or add it from item:

00:00 You have drain the soul out of this creature. [1/2000]
00:00 You have add the soul to this weapon. [2/2000]

List of soul items:
Soul Essence contains 1 soul.
Spirit Essence contains 100 souls.
Weapon Upgrade Stone contains 500 souls.
Hogyoku contains 5000 souls.

Soul items you can get from disenchantig, elite monsters, bosses, events and sagas.

After reach 2000 soul in weapon you can reforge weapon to next stage.
All weapon have 5 stages and after last stage you can gain kami ball for reforge.

00:00 You see a katana (Atk:22, Def:22).
It weighs 50.00 oz.
Soul: 2000 [ MAX ]

-> -> -> -> ->

Depending on the weapon level chance to add or drain soul decreases.

How to upgrade:
All Elite and Kami items you can disenchant into souls. Under Urahara Shop near NPC Tessai Tsukabishi.

Kami Balls
Kami Balls are special item which you can use after Kami Transorm.
One Kami Ball gives +6000 HP and we can stack ten which gives us together +60000 HP.
Other Kami Balls we can exchange for candy boost (+30% more reiatsu from candy) or items in Aizen Prison (NPC Reborn Aizen).

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